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    Anti-rust conditioner


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    Muscle aches or swollen joints from arthritis can greatly limit the ability to move and if neglected, can lead to the loss of all motor skills and to live a fully active life. THE ANTI-RUST BALM from its formulation with plant extracts is ideal in these areas, as it frees you from all annoying joint and muscle pain.

    What is Antirust Conditioner and how does it work?

    The Anti-Rust Balm is a warming cream produced with extracts of natural origin, able to solve all problems concerning the musculoskeletal system effectively and safely. The product in the form of a cream is contained in a jar with a capacity of 120 ml or in the convenience format of 240 ml.
    The Rustproof Balm works thanks to the innovation of its natural sources of active substances with a high ability to penetrate into the deepest skin layers and their bioavailability. The product acts immediately on the joints and muscles, so as to quickly combat all the symptoms of fatigue, pain and poor mobility.

    - Adjuvant of the normal anti-fatigue massage for those who suffer from muscle pain after intense physical use.
    - Massage cream for pains, muscle tears and sprains.
    - Natural soothing in lumbago and in any case in pain caused by cold strokes.
    - Effective collateral, soothing and relaxing local aid with a mainly temporary effect, in cases of pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis.

    Antirust Conditioner Ingredients:

    The formulation of the Antirust Balm was invented and improved over the years by VADERB, which has chosen only the best plant ingredients, which combined action allows you to regain freedom of movement. The result is a warming cream, even a preventive one, which aims to fight pain directly. Among the plant extracts that make up the product we have: - MOOR thermal mud
    - Capsicum (Red Pepper)
    - Menthol
    - Camphor
    - Eucalyptus essential oil

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    What is MOOR thermal mud?

    Natural freshwater black mud, whose therapeutic properties have been recognized and appreciated by man since the time of the first European civilizations.

    This swamp mud is a precious mixture of organic substances formed following the submersion of entire forests a few millennia ago. Over the course of many centuries, plants, shrubs, flowers, fruits, medicinal herbs, submerged in water in a natural basin, have undergone a slow process of chemical transformation and degradation (ripening).

    These reactions, without any human intervention, have made it possible to obtain a unique and exclusive product called Moor at an international level, which has proved effective for the treatment of some physio-pathological alterations.

    Used throughout Europe for natural and preventive medicine treatments due to its healing properties, particularly in the field of rheumatology. Using this mud allows you to stimulate biological and circulatory activities: blood circulation, lymphatic stimulation, hydration, mineralization and elimination of fatigue.


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