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    Snail Slime


    The VADERB cosmetic line with snail slime is the optimal solution for the beauty and care of the face and body, particularly suitable for allergic subjects as it is free from parabens, petrolatum, silicones, mineral oils and dyes.

    Cosmetics formulated to penetrate and nourish the deeper layers of the epidermis, restoring the skin to its original natural vital functions.

    Snail slime has moisturizing, purifying, exfoliating, nourishing, soothing and healing properties for the skin: years of research and studies have shown its extraordinary effects on the face and body. Nourishing and regenerating thanks to the proteins and vitamins contained in the snail slime serum, the VADERB body and face creams of the snail slime line perform an effective anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch mark action. With constant and daily use, the skin will appear more compact, smooth and radiant. Visibly more beautiful and youthful!

    The extraordinary properties and cosmetic actions on the skin:

    Snail slime is a concentrate of functional substances: allantoin, elastin, collagen, glycolic acid, vitamins and essential amino acids. Studies and tests have revealed in particular how this secretion, in addition to facilitating the locomotion of the animal, contains all active ingredients useful for regenerating their own tissues and protecting them from microorganisms and bad weather. In particular vitamins A, C, E, allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin, mucopolysaccharide peptides and water, all exfoliating substances and particularly antioxidants. Snail slime has these cosmetic properties:

    Snail slime has these cosmetic properties:

    Moisturizing action

    To moisturize the skin on the face and body and protect it from external agents

    Nourishing action

    To restore the nutrients that the face skin needs

    Exfoliating action

    Able to induce the removal of supercifial cells of the epidermis

    Soothing action

    With a calming, decongestant, emollient and refreshing function

    Purifying action

    Vaderb cosmetics are suitable for the treatment of impure skin and more

    Anti-aging action

    Bioluma snail slime face creams are also adjuvants in the anti-aging cosmetic treatment

    In harmony with nature, in full respect of snails:

    The farm where the slime comes from is 100% responsible. The animals are kept outdoors, in large green and uncontaminated areas. Here the snails live their normal life cycle, with all the necessary nutrition and care. Our slime is produced on farms in Piedmont surrounded by greenery and far from the smog of big cities. No snail is damaged or treated in an unethical manner during the extraction of the slime, which is done manually. A continuous biological cycle breeding process, followed by manual extraction of the slime which gives it the prestigious recognition BIOLOGICO COSMOS.

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